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Knowledge Base > Contents > 98lite Professional > Issues with Win 9x
Customer License & Login(5)
     Authentication Failure - trouble logging in to your account.
     The username/password box is not displayed when I attempt to login to my account....
     How do I obtain the latest product?
     Retrieving a lost license number
     How do I update my registered email address?
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XPlite / 2000lite Professional(7)
     Issues with Apps (XP/2K)(9)
     Issues with Win 2000(2)
     Issues with XP(11)
     Windows XP Setup. The application could not be initialized.
     Why does registry cleaner XXXXXXX finds keys to remove after running XPlite and 2...
     XPlite seems unable to disable Windows File Protection.
     Some items are duplicated in both XPlite and in the Windows Control Panel.
     Use XPlite before or after adding Microsoft Service Packs?
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98lite Professional(13)
     Issues with Apps (9x)(13)
     Issues with Win 9x(12)
     Explorer 95 Shell(2)
     Walkthrough a Clean Install of Windows 9x using 98lite
     Installing 98lite when your computer did not come with a Microsoft Windows insta...
     How to read CHM files in 98lite MICRO?
     An example on shrinking a 98lite Micro install a little further.
     Cleaning out the gunk, restoring lost options
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Shop / Payment(2)
     What to do if the internet froze and locked up your payment.
     What does a RETURNED payment or CHARGEBACK mean
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Here is the list of articles:
How to re-remove IE if IE was not re-installed through the Add/Remove control panel.
My Documents shell extension and the SLEEK or MICRO shell.
How to use a custom Win9x bootup and shut down logo.
Installing DirectX 9.0c - DirectX did not copy a required file.
Installing DirectX 9.0c - A cabinet file necessary for installation can not be trusted.
BSOD - Invalid VxD dynamic link call from AUDDRV(05)
Installing DirectX9.0 under 98lite
Install New Fonts" is missing in the font folder menu under 98lite Sleek and Micro
Welcome dialog just wont go away
98lite MICRO does not include the Visual Basic runtime libraries.
Removing Suspend from the SLEEK/MICRO Windows95 Explorer start menu.