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Retrieving a lost license number

by LitePC

  • Check your records. When you purchased our software on-line, you were instructed to print out the page that contained your license number and password. You may have lost your electronic copy, but you should still have the hard copy in your records. The page contains both your license number and your download password.
  • Check your email box. You should have a message from LitePC Technologies (litepc.com or if very old 98lite.net) with a subject line similar to "Your LitePC License - SAVE THIS EMAIL" on the day you purchased your software. This email contains both your license number and your download password.
  • If you registered before August 15 2000 You need to get a new license number if you have not done so already.

If the suggestions above do not help you, please fill out our license retreival form. Note that it is faster for you to recover your own license number using the procedures above than to wait for us to look it up for you!

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