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Home > 98lite Professional > Issues with Win 9x

BSOD - Invalid VxD dynamic link call from AUDDRV(05)

by LitePC

You may see something similar to this bluescreen error when loading 98lite on a Notebook that employs an ESS AudioDrive ISA sound chip.


"Invalid VxD dynamic link call from AUDDRV(05) + 00002C82 to device "357E", Service 2. Your Windows configuration is invalid. Run the Windows SEtup program again to correct this problem. To continue running Windows press Y or ENTER. To quit the current program press N. If you continue running Windows, your system may become unstable. Do you want to continue?"

 To fix this you need to replace the default Microsoft audio driver with the ESStech AudioDrive native 95/98 driver. This problem lies with the Microsoft code.

Has been reported for ES1688, ES1788 

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