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Errors when installing IE6 to a clean 98lite installed Windows.

by LitePC

During the Internet Explorer 6 setup on a 98lite based Windwos 9x machine you may see the error

"Error: AddCRL failed => 0x80090017"

Setup completes but is buggy on restart and you may see other error dialogs.

To prevent these errors you need to install the "MS Cryptographic Providors" BEFORE you install IE6. The "MS Cryptographic Providors" are one of the new 98lite options that should be visible in the Windows Add/remove programs control panel -> Windows Setup tab -> Internet Tools. 

The installation of IE6 should proceed without errors. 

If you are using the SLEEK windows 95 shell:

You may get an error after you reboot in a file called "LOADWC.EXE". Loadwc.exe was used in IE4 to performa a number of tasks that were relegated to the explorer shell in later versions of Internet Explorer. If you have the SLEEK desktop installed, the Internet Explorer also installs Loadwc.exe in the "RUN" section of the registry to load every time you bootup. This file can be safely removed (it isn't needed at all). 

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