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Can you delete the 98lite setup folder to save space?

by LitePC

You can remove the setup folder that holds 98lite and the Windows cabinet files (setup files) without effecting your windows install. You will also keep all the extra add/remove features as these are stored in the windows INF folder.

However - you need to be carefull if you are using the SLEEK or MICRO desktop variants as these work because of some minor changes made to some system files. Should you reinstall any of these files from an original CDROM (ie you are now mixing modified and unmodified shell components) then you will run into trouble. In this case the safest thing to do is to burn the setup folder to a CDROM and lable it "98lite SLEEK" or "98lite MICRO" and then if you ever install software that asks for the windows CDROM you should give it this modified CDROM. 

If you can - keep the setup files on the system. They are usefull to have for later driver installations also.

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