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Why can't you use IEradicator with Windows 2000 Service Pack 2?

by LitePC

Windows 2000 (and XP) protects its system files against "accidental deletion" using a system known as Windows File Protection.

With the original 2000 and 2000sp1 you can deactivate the Windows File Protection temporarily using a registry hack and this is included in IEradicator. This "weakness" was fixed in SP2 (although may websites with the registry hack info dont seem to realise this). So what happens is IEradicator removes its load of files, and then half of them "mysteriously" reappear because of the internal protection and now you may have a broken system.

Our 2000lite (XPlite) Professional software has the full capability to manage the Windows File Protection in all versions of Windows 2000 and Windows XP and is able to install and uninstall IE easily regardless of the service pack level installed.  

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