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Using 98lite on a doublespaced volume with drvspace.sys

by LitePC

When drvspace.sys is loaded you may get no chance to install a chubby version of win98.  The file extraction fail because of low memory. 

  1. Easiest is to minimise the win98 installation with 98lite and forget about drivespace - you should be able to get windows 98 under 70MB. Drivespace can be more trouble than its worth!
  2. Harder - you can install without drivespace, and then covert the disk to a drivespace disk after the install has completed.
  3. last option - worth a try if all else fails - you need two partitions. p1: is drivespaced and p2: is not. You extract 98lite and copy all the setup files to p2:. Temporarily rename the drvspace drivers to prevent them from loading and reboot. Now run 98lite in the uncompressed volume, extract all the setup files and at the point where the windows setup starts you STOP. Rename the drvspace.bin files back to their correct names and reboot so they load correclty and your p1: should now be mountable as a doublespaced drive. You should now be able to install windows by running setup.exe on your p2: disk and install to you p1: disk.
Any way you look at it - drvspace can be a dog to work with due to the high memory requirements. But it can be done.

Note: This only works with windows 98/98se as in windows Me Microsoft prevent the OS partition from being doublespaced.

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