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Home > 98lite Professional > Issues with Win 9x

Welcome dialog just wont go away

by LitePC

If you used 98lite to install over a pre-installed Win98se in rare cases users have seen a [Welcome to Windows] menu on startup that just wont go away.

Delete the c:\windows\application data\microsoft\welcome folder in entirity and you will never see the dialog again.

Also if you are up to it - you can edit the registry and remove the entry that is run every time you start windows.


You can delete the "WELCOME" entry.

 If you don't want to edit the registry you can type MSCONFIG in the run dialog and you can untick the welcome entry on the startup tab (MSConfig comes with windows 98 but it is a removable 98lite option - you may need to install it to your system using the add/remove software control panel).

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