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Removing Suspend from the SLEEK/MICRO Windows95 Explorer start menu.

by LitePC

Search the registry using REGEDIT for the following key:


Set APMMenuSuspend to 00 instead of 01

An alternative approach is to disable APM under windows and let your BIOS handle the Power Management.

More modern machines use ACPI (advanced configuration power interface) instead of APM. However, the Windows 95 Explorer is not ACPI aware.

To hide the Suspend menu item you can create the APM registry key manually in Regedit and add the Binary flag.

Binary Value: APMMenuSuspend = 00

The next time you reboot, Windows98 may detect and install the "Advanced Power Management" system device into the device manager where it should co-exist with your ACPI system devices. On testing here we found no ill effects. You can disable the "Advanced Power Management" device in the device manager if you are concerned about APM possibly conflicting with ACPI. As far as Explorer is concerned, it will hide the Suspend option on the Start menu as long as it can find the registry above and it doesnt matter if the device is disabled or enabled


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