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Installing Office XP 2002 on a 98lite system

by LitePC

The Office XP 2002 installer requires the file "shfolder.dll". If you installed Windows without Internet Explorer or you have removed Internet Explorer then you may not have this file in your System folder and the Office installer will pop an internal error dialog when you try to install. You can extract Shfolder.dll from the Windows Me setup cab files (this file is not included with Windows 98 Original) - just navigate to the setup files and use the command line for windows Me:

extract /a base2.cab shfolder.dll

or for Windows 98SE

extract /a base4.cab shfolder.dll

copy shfolder.dll c:\windows\system

OfficeXP will now install. Additionally, if you have not installed the "Data Access Components" (MDAC) the installation will pop an error at the very end where Office XP tries to register the ODBC database drivers for Microsoft Access, Excel, Visual FoxPro and dBase. If you dont care about database functions just ignore the errors. Otherwise install the MDAC components from the Add/Remove Control Panel -> Windows Setup Tab -> Internet Tools section before you install Office XP.

If you try to install OfficeXP to a micro installation the installer will prompt you to install MDAC and the Microsoft Internet infrastructure from the OfficeXP CDROM before you install Office itself. You do not have to install Internet Explorer completely - one of the options is for a bare minimum install of just the MDAC and internet support libraries.

After Office has installed you can remove the MDAC components again using the add/remove software control panel if you do not want the database functions.


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