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Authentication Failure - trouble logging in to your account.

by LitePC

The registered file is available on a password secured area of our site. You can login here. If you still have trouble here are some pointers:

  1. Type the FULL license number including the "-" characters in the Username box. ie. 1234-5678-9012, not 123456789012
  2. If you cut-and-past your license and password from your email make sure you dont include any leading or trailing spaces by accident.
  3. Double check you are typing the correct license number and password, and that you are NOT typing in the installer key by mistake. Your login username is your 12 digit license number (e.g. 1234-5678-9012) and your password was sent to you when you purchased 98lite. The password is case sensitive.
  4. Try cutting and pasting the license and password from your email.
  5. New login accounts were brought into effect on AUGUST 15 2000. Each user now requires a unique 12 digit license number and password to login to 98lite.net for registered downloads and support. If you registered before August 15 2000 and you have not upgraded already then you can GET YOUR NEW LICENSE HERE.
  6. If you have lost your access information please visit the Support Centre and request a license lookup.
  7. Some browsers seem to remember your first failed attempt and will keep sending the wrong words with subsequent attempts. Flush your browser cache and close your browser. Open your browser and try again.
  8. Try a different browser. For example Opera is a great browser that can be downloaded and installed in less time that you may spend locking horns with your current browser.
  9. Take a deep breath, try again later, this is the internet after all.

If everything fails please contact SALES

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