LitePC - the home of 98lite and xplite - to customize and tweak Windows for performance and embedded computers. LitePC enhances Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
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xplite and 200lite customize Windows 2000 and Windows XP allowing you to add and remove features like internet explorer, outlook express, directX, fonts, sounds...and more!

XPlite for Windows XP and Windows 2000

Windows YOUR WAY!

XPlite and 2000lite are powerful configuration utilities for Windows creating a modular Windows operating system where YOU are in control. XPlite gives you more than 160 ways to reduce the size, improve the security, and customize YOUR Windows XP or 2000 installation to suit YOU. ...MORE

"I am 65 years old with limited computer knowledge. I carried out your instructions and now have a fully repaired WindowsXP. I had asked a computer mechanic to look at my computer and after 3 hours he decided that I would have to do a clean install with all the hastle that such action entails..Your system is simple to use and I can only say a big thank you!"

98lite Professional v4.7 customises Windows 98, 98SE and Windows Millennium for the ultimate in speed, efficiency and bloat reduction!

98lite for Windows 98 and Windows ME

98lite is our unique system utility to customize and tweak Windows9x for performance and embedded computers. Free demo available!

Use 98lite to surgically add and remove Windows features, speed up your desktop and boot times and totally remove technology you dont want or need.

98lite is great for running Windows under emulation on linux or macs. The penguin has never run windows so fast.

Embedded Windows 98 / ME with EOS

  • Images as small as 9 MB!! with the Explorer GUI
  • no need for compression or ram disks
  • boot times from 3-10 seconds!
  • Industry proven reliability
  • zero shutdown time - instant power on/off
  • run from 1" hard drive, flash memory, removable USB keys whatever!

We can take your program or concept from the desktop phase to a dedicated compact flash drive or similar storage that is ready for customer distribution in just a couple of weeks. 80% of our projects fit on a 32MB flash drive, many smaller!

Our experience includes: Web kiosks running IE, Opera and Pheonix, Multimedia Set-top-Box - multimedia, streaming TV and Web enabled, Data logging, MP3 jukebox. We offer BIOS customisation, and OS protection and encryption to prevent reverse-engineering

All running on our embedded Windows9x EOS platform

Contact Us and let us assist in your success.

embedded windows98 booting in 16 MB flash on a jumptec single board PC

Windows 98 booting from 16MB Compact Flash on a Jumptec single board PC with 3MB FREE space - NO compression, NO ramdrive!!

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