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98micro is an installation option in 98lite PROFESSIONAL that uses the Windows 95 Explorer to perform an ultra-clean installation of Windows98 without any part of the MS HTML (Internet Explorer) engine. You get a lean, mean operating system in under 70 Mb that is ideal for many applications. You can push the envelope further and get Windows98 under 50 Mb! (see below)

98micro completely removes all traces of the MS HTML engine (shdocvw.dll, and mshtml.dll). You will not have access to any of the proprietary Microsoft compressed help files, and you will not be able to run programs that rely on the MS HTML rendering engine, but many other stand-alone applications will perform better than ever. For example, you can not run Outlook Express, FrontPage, and MS Money. But a system with Netscape, Opera, Pegasus Mail, Gravity, Agent will just fine! Even Microsoft Office97 will install and run beautifully under 98micro! So who's going to be the first to run a self contained windows application from a zip disk?!

98micro proves incontrovertibly that web integration is a bolt-on technology, not an essential operating system feature.


  • Gamers - keep your bogged down fully featured Windows for the boring stuff and then slip into something more comfortable with a dual boot that has enough free resources to let your games fly!
  • Digital Musicians - 98micro is STABLE. Read the testimonial by Jim McWilliams. He's using 98micro with Samplitude 2496...and lovin' it!
  • Speed Freeks - 98micro is FAST. Period! Check the performance page.
  • Stuck on an old PC with no room to move? Need I say more?
  • Macintosh & Linux devotees - remove all the redundant layers (e.g. DirectX) and let your emulator run your application instead of juggling with the operating system.

98micro benefits from all the regular 98lite options to shrink your OS. In addition, if you install 98micro to a clean system the following are excluded completely to give you a clean, mean operating system. Some of these use the MS HTML Engine, some are plug-ins for IE, others are just "fluff" that are not required. MICRO is not for everyone... but you'll know if you want it!

  • Internet Explorer
  • Internet Connection Wizard
  • Windows Webified HELP (original Windows Help files still work)
  • Outlook Express
  • MS Address Book
  • Web Posting
  • Trouble Shooters
  • VDOlive
  • Shockwave
  • Wallet
  • Ms Java Machine
  • VRML
  • Real Player
  • Tour
  • Microsoft Network (MSN)
  • Registration Wizard
  • Web TV
  • Out of Box Experience (SE)
  • MS Agent (ME)
  • MS PC Health Recovery Wizard (ME)

No risk! If you change your mind or find a critical application that requires the IE engine then 98lite can install IE as an optional component and you end up with the SLEEK configuration.

Compare the size of the two Minimum Installations of Windows (original) using the 98lite Professional release.

"Normal" Install 98micro
Windows Dir:1
121,647,104 bytes
1806 files, 70 Folders
System.dat 1,495,040 bytes
User.dat 118,784 bytes
Swap File:
win386.swp 12,582,912 bytes
Program Files Dir:
3,566,070 bytes
70 files, 35 Folders
Total C:\ Drive:
139,415,552 bytes
Bootup Time:2
32 seconds
Windows Dir:1
46,470,686 bytes
777 files, 28 folders
System.dat 335,904 bytes
User.dat 16,512 bytes
Swap File:
win386.swp 8,388,608 bytes
Program Files Dir:
0 bytes
0 files, 0 Folders
Total C:\ Drive:
57,346,564 bytes
Bootup Time:2
19 seconds
Total Reduction 82,068,900 bytes, 1099 files, 77 folders.

If a 60% reduction isn't good enough for you, there's more... This test machine doesnt have a modem. When I do install one I'll get the latest drivers from the manufacturer. So...not being one to hold back, I backup mdmgen.inf because this gives you generic modem support to get you on the web if you lose your manufacturers driver, and then delete all the modem setup information files in the C:\windows\INF folder with a deft blow from a DOS prompt del c:\windows\inf\mdm*.* This just wiped out another 155 files, 4,950,532 bytes, making the...


1 Windows folder less the swapfile
2 Boot time from when logo first appears to when hourglass drops from the cursor on the open desktop

NOTES: No optional features were included for either installation and these data were collected on the first boot (boot time is average of 5). This is a simple computer without a modem or a NIC, so the analysis above probably represents maximum shrinkage.
SYSTEM SPECS: PC-Chips M77 Mobo, AMD K6-400, 32MB PC-66 RAM, Adaptec 1542 SCSI Controller, 5 SCSI hard drives varying from 1-2 Gig, 12x SCSI CDROM, Generic S3 AGP Video, on board Sound, USB disabled.

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