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5. Payment and Downloading Troubleshooter

  1. The internet froze and my payment was not completed!
  2. ClickBank rejected my credit card!
  3. I paid my money, but now what?
  4. I dont have a credit card! How can I get 98lite?
  5. I was emailed my login details but I keep getting Authentication Failure!
  6. Error: Incorrect Password or Corrupt File - download again!
  7. My account is SUSPENDED?
  8. What do you mean my payment was RETURNED?
  9. How do I pay by Credit Card without using the Internet?
Complete FAQ Index
  1. The internet froze and my payment was not completed!
    1. Verify whether you were charged or not by going to SWREG's payment lookup site or if you paid via Clickbank use ClickBank's customer service page and following the directions to perform a lookup that verifies whether your credit card was charged or not.
    2. If your credit card WAS charged but you failed to make it through to the 98lite registration form then please:
      • then contact our SALES with the order number from your receipt and the name and email address you would like to use for registration.
      • We will send you the registered download link and passwords usually within 24 hours.
    3. If your credit card WAS NOT charged please just go back to the payment pages and try to purchase again.

  2. ClickBank rejected my credit card!
    1. The ClickBank system requires that you have a JavaScript enabled browser.
    2. Try again, making sure you do not make any mistakes when typing in your payment information.
    3. If you still cannot make a successful payment, you should email ClickBank from within the payment window to automatically send transaction information that allows ClickBank to trace your failed attempt. If you have already backed out of the payment window (to here) you should email ClickBank's service department with the complete card-holder's name and email address used during the attempt. ClickBank will look up and see exactly why your payment failed and recommend a solution. Their service is good, you can usually expect a reply within 48 hours, often in less than 24 hours.

      note: ClickBank has rigid security protocols to protect against credit card fraud.

  3. I paid my money, but now what?
    1. Be patient. An email was generated and sent to you automatically as soon as you pressed the SUBMIT button on the registration form. Sometimes a glitch in the internet can delay email by as much as 12-24 hours. You can request the information again using your registered email address on this page. If you are rejected here then your registration was never received.
    2. If you still don't have the download information after 24 hours please contact our Support Desk with the order number from your receipt and the name and email address you would like to use for registration.
    3. usually within 24 hours we will send you the registered download link and passwords.

  4. I dont have a credit card! How can I get 98lite?
    Our online store provides for payment byAustralian, US or UK Cheques, International and Australia Post Money Orders and PAYPAL in addition to credit card payments. Just select the appropriate payment option when you purchase from us, you still need to fill out the online forms to provide your billing and shipping address. We will then prepare your order and provide you with the details needed for you to complete the payment by mail or PayPal.

    For Australian customers we have a special payment option to prepare an order that you can mail to us with an Australian Cheque (drawn on any Australian Bank) or an Australia Post money order. As you are paying in local currency we can offer a small discount to offset the GST.

  5. I was emailed my login details but I keep getting Authentication Failure!

    The registered file is available on a password secured area of our site. You can login here. If you still have trouble here are some pointers:

    1. Type the FULL license number including the "-" characters in the Username box. ie. 1234-5678-9012, not 123456789012
    2. If you cut-and-past your license and password from your email make sure you dont include any leading or trailing spaces by accident.
    3. Double check you are typing the correct license number and password, and that you are NOT typing in the installer key by mistake. Your login username is your 12 digit license number (e.g. 1234-5678-9012) and your password was sent to you when you purchased 98lite. The password is case sensitive.
    4. Try cutting and pasting the license and password from your email.
      • Highlight the word with the mouse, being careful not to include any spaces on either end
      • [ctrl-c] will copy the word to the clipboard
      • Paste into the correct field in the Authentication dialog of your browser using [ctrl-v]
      • Submit
    5. New login accounts were brought into effect on AUGUST 15 2000. Each user now requires a unique 12 digit license number and password to login to 98lite.net for registered downloads and support.If you registered before August 15 2000 and you have not upgraded already then you can GET YOUR NEW LICENSE HERE.
    6. If you have lost your access information please visit the Support Centre and request a license lookup.
    7. Netzip users may have to disable Netzip to login because Netzip does not support password authentication at the time this was written(DOH!).
    8. Some browsers seem to remember your first failed attempt and will keep sending the wrong words with subsequent attempts. Flush your browser cache and close your browser. Open your browser and try again.
    9. Try a different browser. For example Opera is a great browser that can be downloaded and installed in less time that you may spend locking horns with your current browser.
    10. Take a deep breath, try again later, this is the internet after all.

    If everything fails please contact SALES

  6. Error: Incorrect Password or Corrupt File - download again!
    The downloaded file requires a text "KEY" to unlock it. The key was in the same email as your License number and Password that was sent when you first registered (You should have printed it and saved it)The key is case sensitive, so if it looks like this in your email Dje3%fk2LYE2h, then you must NOT type it as dje3%fk2lye2h or it will fail.The Installer Key is changed from time to time without notice (but not very often). As a registered user you can always get the latest access information automatically sent to your email from the form on the secured download site.If you are working within Windows you can cut and paste the passwords from this email, into your browser and into the DOS installer using the paste button on the toolbar, or edit menu in the upper left control box.If you know your Key is CURRENT and you are not making any typing mistakes, then you should download the file again - this time check the size of the file you download against the size written on the web page.If you keep getting a broken or truncated file, try the following:
    1. clear your browsers cache - it is possible your browser is saving a local copy of the broken file and in just handing it to you every time you attempt to download.
    2. Hold the [SHIFT] button down when you click on the download link - this forces some browsers to get a new copy regardless of the cache.
    3. Try using a different browser - if you have more than one web browser on your computer, this may eliminate local caching issues.
    4. Check with your ISP - it is also possible your ISP has a shared cache, and the ISP has a bad copy. If this occurs you can trypically wait a few days and the cache clears. If you see this problem often you may wish to call your ISP and find out what is going on.

  7. My account is SUSPENDED?
    If your license is entered too many times from too many individual computers (separate IP addresses) your account will automatically be suspended. This is security feature to prevent wide distribution of your personal login details on the internet. If this happens you will be notified by email.
  8. What do you mean my payment was RETURNED?
    You either requested a refund or you challenged the payment on your credit card and had the payment reversed. Therefore your account has been closed and you can no longer download our registered software. Note: Your credit card statement would NOT have mentioned 98lite or Brooks Innovations. Rather, it should have shown a charge to our third party payment processor: either ClickBank.com or Keynetics Inc. or cardquery.com (the latter is SWREG. It is possible you mistakenly reversed the charge because your forgot where you bought 98lite. To get a new account you will need to pay again.
  9. How do I pay by Credit Card without using the Internet?
    We recognise than some people do not like the idea of submitting a credit card number via the internet. You can also purchase our products on your credit card and submit the credit card number by phone, FAX or mail. Just choose the appropriate payment method from our payment forms and after you provide us with your billing and shipping address we will prepare your order and give you SWREG toll free numbers in 16 countries around the world that you can use to FAX or phone your credit card number to us.