LitePC Language modules for 98lite Professional and Preview software to customize and tweak Windows for performance and embedded computers. 98lite enhances Windows 98 and Windows Me.

To create the language module:

  1. Select all the text in the edit window and copy to the clipboard (ctrl-A, ctrl-c)
  2. Open Notepad
  3. Paste the text
  4. Select Encoding = UTF-8 on the notepad save dialog
  5. Save As lite_??.utf8 where ?? is the 2 letter country abreviation.
  6. Place the file lite_??.utf8 in the same folder as your XPlite.exe or 2000lite.exe

Language module text can be downloaded by anyone. Use the "Get Language Module Text" link and follow the instructions provided. If you want to edit the pages to modify the translation then please email us for a password. Anyone can help and we'll give free copies of XPlite for significant contributions.


Language Files