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98lite Preview

Speed up Windows98 by dis-integrating the internet from the desktop.

This free preview converts Internet Explorer, System Information, and Readme Files to OPTIONS to demonstrate what 98lite Professional can do!

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98lite Professional
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"Proof of Concept"

This FREE Preview is a no-nags, unlimited preview for what 98lite Professional can do to dramatically improve performance and stability under Windows. The feature set of this preview is restricted compared to the Professional version, but you do get the most important functions that speed up your system with the following features:

  • Configure your desktop in three different ways that suit you.
    SLEEK - a blisteringly fast incarnation of the Windows 95 Explorer
    CHUBBY - a faster Windows98 Explorer without the web integration
    OVERWEIGHT - the fully featured Windows98 Explorer complete with web-view and active desktop

    SLEEK and CHUBBY dis-integrate your web browser from your desktop while allowing you to keep Internet Explorer for web browsing.
    More Information on 98lite shell swapping features...
  • Options previously unknown in Windows.
    This Preview converts Internet Explorer, System Information and Read-Me Files from default features to optional components. You can choose to omit these features during installation, or convert an existing installation and remove the features you are not using.
  • One file for many Windows! Use 98lite with Windows98, Windows 98 SE (Second Edition) and Windows Me (Millennium Edition).
  • Multiple language versions. Download add-on language modules
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98lite Professional
Language Modules

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the plethora of additional features in 98lite Professional

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