litePC - the home of 98lite and xplite - to customize and tweak Windows for performance and embedded computers. LitePC enhances Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

2000lite/XPlite Beta 0.95.0046 26-JUL-2003

  • minor tweaks only.

2000lite/XPlite Beta 0.93 [17-Jul-2003]

Just about ready for prime time. Major Improvements to the following:

  • Context help is now more reliable
  • OS detection unpgraded to handle entire 2000 and XP product families.
  • File manipulations improved. Improved speed/stability
  • Interface changes for consistency and improved usability. Splashes killed in favour of inline notices
  • Component tree is locked if WFP is active
  • Keyboard component tree handling improvements.
  • Misc changes to optional components.

2000lite/XPlite Beta 0.90 [28-Jun-2003]

  • 2000lite/XPlite is a single executable 'litepc.exe' that will adapt to the system it is running on (XP or 2000)
  • There is no installer - and no need for one. Just dump the executable file on your desktop and run it. There are no ini files and no entries placed in your registry. This is stand-alone software at this point.
  • Using 2000lite/XPlite is basically a two step process, and you can not go wrong. (1) Disable Windows file protection to allow software additions and deletions, then (2) make your selection in the ADD/REMOVE tab (now internal to 2000lite/XPlite).
  • Popup help is all that is provided at this point - '?' button and/or right click What's This? menu.
  • Regarding Windows file protection.... it should be perfectly safe to RE-ENABLE Windows File Protection after you have made your changes. The system will actively protect the remaining files. You can even scan for missing or deleted files and the scan will neatly bypass the files you removed! very nice!
  • This BETA is feature SLIM. NONE of the core windows options are included as we wanted to restrict this test to items that could not bring your computer down even if something went terribly wrong. So for the purpose of this test the options are limited to bolt-on accessories (aka OS fluff).
  • ENGLISH ONLY at this point - translation files will be available only after the code freezes
  • 2000lite/xplite has been tested with XP home, XP pro, 2000 pro.


Please use ONLY the suport desk for feedback and assistance. You must first log on.

  • Did it work?
  • Was your OS detected properly - uses the registry information only to read your version
  • Is the interface intuitive or clumsy?
  • Can you uninstall ALL features, reboot, and then re-install ALL features without problem

We are planning to release the full program in a few weeks, but we are looking for a small group of 10 to 20 people to form an 'inner-circle' to beta test the HARD-CORE features (add/remove for IE, media player, directX, outlook express etc). To qualify you'll have to:

  1. have some time over the next couple of weeks
  2. give feedback on this BETA
  3. have experience with 98lite and/or a basic understanding of how Windows is put together
  4. tell us which OS's you have available to test on (i.e. we don't want all XP professional)
  5. be in a position to test on a sacrificial real or virtual machine just in case we lock-up and totally kill the OS (been there done that!). Be prepared to re-install your OS.
  6. understand that you would be volunteering to test, not just to get free software - so feedback through the support desk is vital. (note: All BETA's are time bombed and crippled in some way.)
  7. let us know - through the support desk
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