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XPlite Professional 1.9.0334 05-SEPTEMBER-2008


  • Many adjustments for Windows XP Service Pack 3.
  • Buxfix to upnp service that prevented reinstall
  • Fix to correct telnet service name/description.
  • Improvement to source file path detection
  • Corrected selection in subtrees with Pro only features in Trial version
  • Enhanced uninstall for DirectX

XPlite Professional 1.9.0316 25-JULY-2007

  • Minor fix to media player component

XPlite Professional 1.9.0315 6-MAR-2007

  • Fix for loading data from configuration file when running on read-only media
  • Fix to license code to eliminate contact to the internet for valid licenses

XPlite Professional 1.9.0314 12-FEB-2007

  • Fixed loading of profiles on startup using /o: command line switch
  • Extensive enhancement to IE removal to remove and cleanup IE v7
  • Updated uninstaller for Windows Media Player 11 (beta) and fixed some issues with Windows Media Player 10. SHould be possible to wind back to WMP 9 without difficulty from WMP10 or 11.
  • Clean IE 6.01 build numbers for XPSP2 in registry corrected up to ensure the appropriate Windows Updates are re-detected following reinstallation of IE v6
  • Fixed error when XPlite needs to reboot XP after uninstalling (XPlite could not launch a cleanup when Windows was in the process of shutting down)
  • Improve clearing of DLLCache folder. XPlite now moves deleted files to %windir%\LastGood and keeps the original compressed dllcache folder intact. This prevents the automatic system file protection scan on reboot.
  • If user elects to disable the DLLCache by setting the SFCQuota to minimum (1MB) then XPlite will create a 1MP temp file in the DLLCache folder to prevent any system files being cached or copied from the CD during the scan (SFCQuota minimum is 1MB and after SP1 can not be disabled 100%)
  • Improve cleaning of empty folders following uninstallation
  • Fix uninstalltion and reinstall of SP2 OOBE files
  • Added Teletext and VBI Filters to Direct Show component
  • Fixed versioning of DirectX 9.0c under XP SP2 and 2003 SP1
  • Improved removal of System Information (MSInfo) under Windows 2000 to clear Defrag from common MMC
  • Improved removal of Defrag under Windows 2000 to clear Defrag from common MMC
  • Changes to removal of Health/Help Centre to ensure that *.hlp files used by system dialogs are not deleted.
  • Augmented removal of DrWatson and Narrator to remove and reinstall their associated help files.
  • Enhanced removal of Automatic Updates to include removing any local user or group policy restrictions and delete the %windir%\SoftwareDistribution folder.
  • Fixed Bug displaying system restore point messages in language specific text

XPlite Professional 1.8.0303 12-APR-2006

  • Added XP SP2 additional fonts (Vrinda, Kartika, Lucinda Sans) to Extra Fonts uninstaller
  • Fixed messenger reinstall asking for file path to source files
  • Fixes to XP Home edition options that were asking for files only found in XP Pro
  • Added SP2 Wordpad text converters to Wordpad uninstaller

XPlite Professional 1.7.0300 22-DEC-2005

  • Fixes for keyboard navigation
  • Improvements to popup help system
  • Set IE version numbers when removing IE to allow MMC panels to work. For XP the IE version number is set at 6.00.0000.0000 and for Windows 2000 the version number is set at 5.00.0000.0000. This should also assist with people reinstalling IE from external sources.
  • Improvements to customer licensing system
  • Underpinnings to support 64-bit Windows XP/2003 added. Not yet available for general use.
  • fix for SP2 MS Messenger - locate xpmsgr.chm automatically
  • fix for MSN Explorer under Japanese Windows
  • Added Cancel button to preferences dialog and changed button positions to bring inline with Windows standard style
  • Fix crash when exiting XPlite while the add\remove tree is actively being filled
  • Speed up XPlite application startup time
  • Improve Add\Remove list load time
  • Tighten licensing security and online activation
  • Vastly improved image fade widget on Start and About Tab
  • Support for Windows 2003 (32 bit) WFP management added. All removable components have not yet been validated with Windows2003
  • Fix to issue with wireless network configuration after removing the Advanced Remote Access Dial-UP Support
  • Fix to reinstall of Driver Cache to ensure correct service pack cabs are copied (,
  • Added Language filter to facilitate customized file copy based on the default system language of the Windows installation file set.
  • Modified IIS component uninstalls to delete unused folders in the %root%\inetpub tree
  • Modified IIS component uninstalls to uninstall completely - fixed bug in build 0.289
  • Modified IIS uninstaller to remove aspperf.dll error message when aspperf.dll has already been uninstalled previously
  • SHRINK now eliminates hotfix entries from Add\Remove Software list when uninstall data is removed.
  • Improvements to uninstallation of IIS components (XP Pro only). FTP Publishing service now uninstalls properly
  • Moved WMV audio and video codecs to stand-alone codec options from Windows Media Player option so you can uninstall WMP and use the codecs with alternative players.
  • Fixed Delay time before upgrade checks not saving to registry

XPlite Professional 1.6.0287 15-JUN-2005

  • Change mouse cursor to hourglass while checking dependencies - helpful on slower machines when selecting entire tree nodes
  • Fix to path calling bug when using XPlite 1.6.0286 on a drive other than the Windows boot drive
  • Fix to install of TCP/IP Netbios Service
  • Fix to uninstall of Active Directory Services (XP only)
  • Centre registration entry fields
  • Modify bevaviour of "Apply" buttons on WFP tab and User Prefs. Button is disabled until change is made
  • Disable Upgrade button while web-check is busy

XPlite Professional 1.6.0286 07-JUN-2005

  • Fixes for display on non standard DPI settings (small and large fonts)
  • Renamed Utility tab to "Shrink"
  • Added internal viewer for uninstaller files search results on Shrink tab
  • Added Delete to recycle bin option to Shrink tab
  • Improved license handling for expired licenses and renewals
  • Improved handling of empty folder deletion
  • Changes to mouse cursor re-install to fix issue on Windows 2000
  • Fixed window resizing that was hiding the add\remove [next] button
  • Added Utility Tab to main program window. This tab will house a number of search-and-destroy type algorythms for removing unused Windows components. The initial release is a simple search for uninstall information but the Utility tab will be expanded to include unused driver files and also some profile based searches (e.g. to remove all networking code if the PC does not require networking access, remove all sound related files if the system has no sound card etc
  • Fixes to Media PLayer 6.4 install without higher version Media Players.
  • Improved XPlite self-integrity checks and license check algorythms.
  • Small Bugfix with reseller license code activation.
  • Force dependency of Windows Update Manager on the Automatic Updates service.
  • Scan for missing/modified files defaults to show progress dialog.
  • Added /s switch to supress the reboot following the installation or uninstallation of files that are in use.
  • Replaced complete tree load following setup with a much faster refresh of the install status for each item.
  • Added Cleanup routines to delete empty folder trees left by the setup engine
  • Re-engineered import of custom user add-ons
  • Fixed removal of Admin Tools\Component Services Shortcut
  • Fixed removal of Admin Tools\Data Sources (ODBC) Shortcut
  • Added IMAPI CDROM Burning Service as a removable option
  • Added Defrag as a removable option
  • Added Performance Monitor as a removable option
  • Added Disk Cleanup Manager as a removable option
  • Added Backup as a removable option
  • Added VB50 Runtime Library as a removable option
  • Added VB60 Runtime Library as a removable option
  • Added Help and Support for Windows 2000 as a removable option

XPlite Professional 1.5.0273 04-OCT-2004

  • Files and Setting Transfer Wizard Icon correctly removed from the Start Menu
  • System Restore Icon correctly removed from the Start Menu
  • Enforce System Restore dependency on JavaScript
  • Internet Explorer placed back into "Set Program Access and Defaults" when reinstalled under XP SP1 and SP2
  • Outlook Express placed back into "Set Program Access and Defaults" when reinstalled under XP SP1 and SP2
  • Windows Messenger placed back into "Set Program Access and Defaults" when reinstalled under XP SP1 and SP2

XPlite Professional 1.5.0272 01-OCT-2004

  • Faster Option tree loading.
  • Added label for load profile above the Add\Remove tree (only visible if a saved profile is loaded)
  • Improve tracking of options that user has selected to be modified. Next button on add\remove tab should now always be disabled when there it nothing new selected.
  • Optimise uninstaller process to only bother with modified features resulting in much faster configuration when only a couple of items are selected for modification.
  • By popular demand iis was added (Internet Information Services). This option just reads the existing iis.inf file in the c:\windows\inf folder to duplicate the pre-existing add\remove capability.
  • Fix to Win2000 systems that failed to initiate the setup engine due to bug in iis implementation.
  • Fix to comply with XP SP2 Data Execution Prevention initiatives.
  • Changed removal of Workstation service to leave hardware bindings behind on uninstall so that a reinstall can pick up the network adapater and protocols correctly.
  • Temp Folder is now cleanly deleted when XPlite closes
  • Added ability to import verbatum INF files in UNICODE format. Using this mechanisms we added MS's IIS component to the tree.
  • Improved reset of multimedia playback to Mplayer2.exe following removal of WMP7,8,9,10
  • Repaired bug that prevented adding URLS to Trusted Sites and Restricted Sites in the internet control panel if you removed IE with XPlite/2000lite and then reinstalled IE back using XPlite/2000lite
  • Fixed bug with XPlite following component dependencies within the add\remove tree when forcing a re-removal (we missed this in the last build)
  • Added improved error logging if Administrator group does not have the privelages to disable WFP.
  • Enhanced the ability for XPlite to follow component dependencies within the add\remove tree. In prior versions XPlite did not track dependencies properly if entire branches were selected. This should now be fixed.
  • Added ability to remove OS2 and POSIX emulation from windows 2000.
  • Linked the Add\Remove tree to the new info website Right click on any feature for "More Information..." or use the link on the tab. Now to strengthen the web content!
  • Included hard coded entry points for disabling wfp on XP SP2. These are not needed as the system is smooth without - but nice to have as a fallback.
  • A few tricks for our Pirate friends.
  • Added ability to send config info to to collect stats on what people are installing and uninstalling from Windows. OFF by default.
  • Added default code page detection so non-ANSI font languages (Japanese) display properly under Windows 2000.
  • Added Code Page identifier to the Language Modules to override default code page if that is wanted.
  • detect currect active code page and adjust accordingly (to fix language display on win2000 systems)
  • Removed IE HTML Rendering Engine from 2000lite as Win2000 needs the html libraries for the add\remove control panel applet
  • Added IE HTML Rendering Engine as separate component - for ultimate security can now totally remove IE and leave the system without any ability to browse the internet.
  • Following components have added dependency on the IE HTML Rendering Engine: Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player 7+
  • Added VBScript as removable module
  • Added JavaScript as removable module
  • Added Remote Assistance as removable module
  • Added Briefcase as removable module
  • Win2K - Alternative method to install that avoids an MS bug in registering a COM+ system file that causes the Windows 2000 setup engine to abort the install when COM+ is selected leaving some selected features uninstalled
  • Corrected the installation of the Workstation Service and Automatic Updates Service under Windows 2000. Fixes error "The Workstation service failed to start due to the following error: The executable program that this service is configured to run in does not implement the service. "
  • Added COMplus as dependency for System Restore

XPlite Professional 1.3.0246 13-JULY-2004

  • Removed requirement for WFP file patching! - XPlite can now configure a protected system without patching system files and without rebooting.
  • Changed tab order as WFP management is now an option instead of a requirement
  • WFP management tab now has 3 states for WFP (on, off, disabled).
  • Modified DllCache settings to allow minimum size (SFCQuota = 1)
  • If user selects to clear the DllCache XPlite will prompt to set minimum DLL Cache size (SFCQuota = 1)
  • Updated help file - unattended installs, added acknowledgements
  • Support for user add-ons added. End users can expand the Add\Remove options tree with custom INF modules.
  • Removable MSInfo from Win2K
  • Fix reinstall of WBEM so winmgmt service starts properly
  • Remove media player help files
  • Upgrade Mplayer WMP for XP-SP2.RC2 media player 9
  • Security centre XP-SP2.RC2
  • Wireless control panel SP2 with wireless zero config XP-SP2.RC2
  • Added the following System Services as removable options (many under ADVANCED SETTINGS that are only visible when the user preferences are set to show Advanced Settings).
    • UtilMan (Win2K accessibility)
    • Application Management
    • Windows Time
    • Telephony
    • Secondary Logon (Run As Service on Win2K)
    • Security centre background Service XP-SP2.RC2
    • Windows Management Instrumentation Driver Extensions
    • Network DDE
    • Network DDE DSDM
    • Distributed Link Tracking Client
    • Windows Installer
    • TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper

XPlite Professional 1.20.0229 26-MAR-2004

  • Removed debug code that was accidentally left in build 228 (logged option names to the log file)
  • Modified TRIAL version to allow unattended installations.
  • Removed requirement for the /r command line switch to be paired with the activation code
  • Help File: Added section on Unattended Network Installations.
  • Help File: Documented the /p command line switch - section titled Switches for System Administrators
  • Improved loading speed of Language Modules.
  • Fixed bug in the uninstall routine

XPlite Professional 1.20.0228 25-MAR-2004

  • Change to the naming convention for language modules. The interface is unicode enabled and supports Asian fonts. See our XPlite Language Modules Wiki.
  • Added indicator on Add\Remove tab to show hidden/visible status of the Advanced Options

XPlite Professional 1.20.0226 20-MAR-2004

  • Added new CHM Help File
  • Added Keyboard Shortcut Ctrl-P to bring up User Preferences
  • Hold CTRL when pressing Force Remove to select all uninstalled items. Good for Spring Cleans.
  • Reseller Registration code support completed
  • Leave actxprxy.dll when removing IE from XP to retain function of CD Burning Wizard.
  • added JavaVM to XPPro SP1
  • misc help files now removed when feature is removed
  • Media Player8/9 refinements
  • Fix to overcome errors in logic in MS's Outlook Express Address Book setup file
  • Improvements to the install/remove of the PC Health Centre (Windows Help)
  • Full Unicode interface - supports graphic fonts for Thai, Chinese, Japanese
  • Added command line switches to assist network/CDROM installation (Multi-Seat Licenses Only)
Multi-Seat License options (only available when licensed for 2 or more seats)
/r:<activation_code>Remote configuration. Saves all your registry settings and license information into the APPNAME.CFG file in the application folder so that multiple workstations can be configured without entering license information for each workstation. The CFG file resides in the same folder as the application EXE file and can be placed on a CDROM or network share.
/u:<saved_profile_name>Start with a previously saved user profile <user profile name>. User profiles are saved on the add\remove tab. Using this switch the options tree will open with the desired configuration instead of the current configuration. Just hit the add/remove button to complete the task of reconfiguring the system.
/lSave all log files to the application folder instead of the system windows folder. The computer name is added to the log name so that logs from multiple computers can be saved into the one application folder (typically a network share).
/autoUsed in conjunction with /u: With /auto the program will automatically dissable WFP, load the custom profile, complete the configuration process then exit. This provides a complete unttended configuration process. For example you could use the /r switch to save licensing info then set XPlite.exe and XPlite.cfg up on a network share and then used the command string XPlite /l /u:myprofile /auto to automatically configure the workstation. For mass configuration you could use remote administration tools to simultanously inject the unattended startup parameters into the runonce key of the system registry on all available workstations and reconfigure them during the next bootup.
  • Added the following additional optional components
    • Terminal Services
    • System Restore
    • System Event Notification Service
    • Routing and Remote Access Support (RRAS)
    • Remote Access Dial-Up Support
    • Workstation Service
    • Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator Service
    • NT LM Security Support Provider Service
    • Net Logon Service
    • Messenger Service
    • Computer Browser
    • Alerter Service
    • Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ)
    • Internet Authentication Service (IAS)
    • Distributed Transaction Coordinator Service
    • COM+ Event System Service
    • COM+ Service
    • Active Directory Services
    • Wireless Zero Configuration
    • USR/3Com Modem drivers
    • TCP/IP Command line tools
    • Java Virtual Machine
    • OpenGL Graphics Libraries
    • ICM Color Profiles
    • DirectShow Video Codecs
    • Audio Decoders
    • ATI SP1 Driver
    • TWAIN Image Aquisition Drivers
    • System Information
    • Program Compatibility Wizard
    • Program Compatibility Engine
    • WebClient Service
    • Universal Plug and Play Service
    • Uninterruptible Power Supply Service
    • Telnet Service
    • Smart Card Services
    • Remote Registry Service
    • Error Reporting Service
    • Background Intelligent Transfer Service

XPlite Professional 1.00.0174 03-OCT-2003

  • Accidentally uploaded binaries with debug code for build 173 - sorry. build 174 is leaner and cleaner.
  • Removed dependency of XPlite on msscript.ocx entirely by accessing system restore directly. This eliminates potential startup problems and/or compatibility later on when we remove msscript.ocx as past of an option. Also cleaner code with Windows2000.
  • Please forget build 173 ever existed :)

XPlite Professional 1.00.0173 02-OCT-2003

  • Fix to WindowsUpdate to enable installation when Windows Script Host is removed (dispex.dll now left on the system)
  • Auto-Register msscript.ocx on startup - fixes startup crash. Apparently some systems out there have a broken msscript installation for whatever reason. Msscript.ocx is used to set the restore point in XP. We are currently investigating an alternative solution to free up this dependency.
  • Prevent potential long filename issue with temp folders placed in deeply nested hierarchies - not reported - but plugged anyhow.

XPlite Professional 1.00.0171 26-SEP-2003

  • Silly typo killing name of the Address Book fixed.

XPlite Professional 1.00.0170 26-SEP-2003

Tweaks to ensure Windows XP System Restore maintains full function.

  • Removal of IE now leaves %WinRoot%\System32\hlink.dll behind. This is used by other apps - in particular System Restore. If you removed IE with build 161 then System Restore became an empty white box. Not very helpful! hlink.dll is copied back in by the XP upgrade patch.
  • Removal of Help and Support Centre now ensures that %WinRoot%\pchealth\helpctr\binaries\pchshell.dll remains behind. This is used by System Restore. If you removed Help with build 161 then System Restore would not load at all. pchshell.dll is copied back in by the XP upgrade patch.
  • Tweak to the address book removal to ensure LDAP functionality remains for user account management.
  • Added message to explain removal of advanced Windows Management Instrumentation - essentially this breaks System Restore's ability to make now points or to restore to your old points. System Restore works fine if your reinstall WMI and all your previous restore points are available
  • Prevent double clicks on the Add\Remove button (only one instance of setup can run at any one time).

XPlite Professional 1.00.0161 17-SEP-2003

  • FIX: Reinstallation of IE. Restore Advanced features and Custom Level Security options in the Internet Control Panel.

XPlite Professional 1.00.0160 16-SEP-2003

  • Initial Release!
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