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Thank you for visiting the LitePC Helpdesk Knowledge Base, below you will find our most recently added articles and documents. Please navigate through our available knowledge base categories on the left.

ID Subject
75 ThumbsPlus - requires ICM color profiles for full screen preview.
74 Zone Alarm will not install onto Win9x if Windows was installed clean without IE.
64 Norton SystemWorks and Speed Disk with 98lite
49 Mozilla, Thunderbird and Firefox lose their settings if the user swaps the active 98lite shell type between the Win98 and Win95 shells (e.g. Sleek to Chubby).
44 Installing the .NET framework on a 98lite machine
38 Installing Media Player 9 with a 98lite SLEEK or MICRO shell (using Explorer95)
35 IrfanView wont print under the 98lite SLEEK desktop.
29 Filename.exe is linked to missing export file SHELL32.DLL:SHGetSpecialFolderPathA
28 Installing Office XP 2002 on a 98lite system
24 AOL 7.0 reboots 4 times when installing and can retreive email ok but will not connect to browse the internet
22 Citrix ICA client hangs on splash screen
16 Errors when installing IE6 to a clean 98lite installed Windows.
15 Where are telnet.exe, winipcfg.exe, ping.exe, ftp.exe, tracert.exe?
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