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LitePC Helpdesk: Articles 

Thank you for visiting the LitePC Helpdesk Knowledge Base, below you will find our most recently added articles and documents. Please navigate through our available knowledge base categories on the left.

ID Subject
80 Accessing Windows Updates without IE
79 Removing the Windows XP Task Scheduler with XPlite disables the Prefetch cache.
77 User Logon Preferences - "Automation-server cannot create object" (XP)
68 Windows is asking for DLLs that are not on my XP CDROM
65 Some XP Windows Updates that may keep showing up and why. KB842773, KB835732, KB828035
62 Windows XP can store deleted objects and not free up the disk space you expect.
58 Error installing Foxpro Database drivers - needs Windows Scripting Host
52 Upgrading a modified SP1 install to SP2
50 Why does XPlite say I am not an administrator when I am?
46 Annoyed by alerts that your computer may be in danger every time you boot.
42 MMC requires internet explorer 5.5. or greater to be installed.
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