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IrfanView wont print under the 98lite SLEEK desktop.

by LitePC

Versions of IrfanView prior to 3.95 give an error when you try to print if you are also using the SLEEK 98lite desktop.

This issue was fixed in IrfanView 3.95.

Earlier versions of IrfanView prior to v3.95 used a non-standard method of bringing up the print dialog that is compatible only with the windows98 explorer desktop shell. If you switch to the 98lite "CHUBBY" or "OVERWEIGHT" configuration IrfanView works fine. However under "Sleek" or Micro using the windows95 explorer the print error appears.

This issue is solved by upgrading to IrfanView v3.95 or later.

If you specifically want to use an earlier version you will have to use the 98lite Chubby desktop.


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