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Installing the .NET framework on a 98lite machine

by LitePC

This article explains how to install .NET on a machine that has had Internet Explorer removed from it.

The .Net framework installation process requires a lot of pre-requisites when installed on win98 or 98SE because it checks your hard disk for a version of IE later than the version that came with Windows. In addition - to get the installer to complete you need to be using the Win98(SE) explorer desktop (98lite chubby) and not the win95 shell (98lite Sleek or Micro).

So.... in order just to get the .NET framework installed you need to do the following - and there may be some options to prune back afterwards.

1) Using 98lite shellswap to the Chubby Desktop

2) In the Add-remove control panel applet install the default version of Internet Explorer, the MS Data Access Components (MDAC) and the MS Cryptographic Components. By installing the default versions that came with Win98 first you ensure that the later version of IE will install properly and you also "tick" the checkbox in the add\remove control panel applet so you have the option of uninstalling later.

3) Now you need a more recent version of IE (ver 5.01 or later). There is no harm in grabbing the latest and greatest. You can do a minimal install if you have downloaded the full fileset for an offline installation, but you do need to include the Data Access Components and the .NET installer requires the newer version.

4) Now the .Net installer should complete when you run it

OK... at this point you have an OS that is now far "fatter" that you may have originally intended. Now it is *possible* that your .NET programs will continue to work properly if you now try and migrate your system back to where you started from - how successfull this will be depends entirely on which components of the .NET framework that your applications may use.

As a first step - test your .NET progams and make sure they are working properly.

Now try using 98lite's shellswap feature to swap back to the SLEEK desktop. If your .NET applications stop working you can always run 98lite again and shellswap back to the 98lite Chubby desktop.

Similarly for removing IE. If you use the 98lite IE remover in the add\remove software control panel applet the core HTML engine of IE will remain on the system for use by the .NET framework (*if* your programs need them). So again you could remove IE from the add\remove control panel applet and test your .NET applications. If they are broken just reinstall IE.




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