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Installing Microsoft Antispyware onto Windows 2000 requires IE6 files.

by LitePC

When install MS AntiSpyware onto a 2000Lite system the installation may stop

because it needs IE6.

The Microsoft Antispyware installer looks for the IE version 6 core renderer file shdocvw.dll. By default Windows 2000 comes with IE version 5 so whether you have remove IE or not with 2000lite you need to go through the IE upgrade process. You can subsequently remove IE from your system. Removing IE leaves the upgraded shdocvw.dll behind on your system for other applications to use.

A good procedure is to install then remove IE as follows.

1) Open 2000lite and re-install IE v5 if you do not have IE on your system.

2) Go to the Microsoft Site and install IE v6.01 (http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=1e1550cb-5e5d-48f5-b02b-20b602228de6)

3) After IE 6 is installed, open 2000lite and remove IE again. The updated shdocvw.dll and mshtml.dll from the IE6 installation will be left on your system.

If you want to make sure you clean out any other fragments that the IE 6 may have installed you can use the force remove feature of 2000lite. Above the Add\Remove list in 2000lite click on the red X while holding the CTRL button. All of the blank checkboxes will be selected with a red X and 2000lite will run though the uninstaller routines for all of these features that you have already removed from your system. This is just a good way to clean out any unwanted files and registry information that may have been installed without you knowing it. You can do this forced removal cleaning process at the same time that you uninstall IE v6

4) Run the Microsoft AntiSpyware installer. It should detect the newer shdocvw.dll and complete without error.


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