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Why does XPlite say I am not an administrator when I am?

by LitePC

You may see the error message:


"Sorry, but XPlite can only be run by a user with Administrator Priviledges. Please log in as an Administrator or ask your system Administrator to run XPlite for you."

XPlite determins whether you are an Administrator by looking to see if the current use has the following two privelages:


It is possible that your domain or system administrator has removed one or both of these privileges from the local machine administrators.

Under under Start->Programs->Administrative Tools->Local Security Policies you want to check under the Local Policies\User Rights Assignment to check whether Administrators have the rights to "Debug Programs" and to "Shut Down the System".

You will have to grant these privelages back to the Administrator group or to the user who will be running XPlite. 

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