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Upgrading from 98lite Professional

by LitePC

When upgrading from 98lite to Windows 2000 and 2000lite or Windows XP and XPlite it is important to realise that our XPlite software works differently to 98lite.

Firstly, XPlite Professional v1.x requires that the host operating system is fully installed prior to using XPlite. There is no operating system isntallation mode for custom OS installs (though this may be added in a future version). Secondly, there is no equivalent "Sleek" or "Micro" shell variants to worry about (though you can approximate a Micro system by totally removing the core IE technology if you want).

Essentially this means that you upgrade path involves a full install of Windows 2000 or Windows XP first. And only after you have confirmed that everything is working properly you can then apply 2000/XPlite to customise the operating system YOUR way.

Our personal preference when changing operating systems is to always do a clean install of the new OS and then reinstall all required applications rather than to upgrade an old OS. Upgrades do work for many people, but there is nothing like reassurance of knowing that you are starting with a clean slate without complicating the issue. Some upgrades turn into nightmares as client software stops working and old settings appear to confuse or corrupt the installation process.

Note: LitePC Technologies offers significant discounts for upgrades purchased by returning customers

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