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Adobe print driver may not install when System Restore is removed by XPlite.

by LitePC

After installing XPlite on a WinXP Pro SP1 system followed by Adobe Acrobat Pro I encountered an error where the Adobe print driver could not be installed.

Adobe has a KB article about the the problem\error. However none of their fixes worked.




Reinstall the XPlite Advanced feature "System Restore". This feature is normally hidden unless the XPlite user has checked the checkbox in the user preferences to display Advanced Features.

It is likely that you can re-remove System Restore following the successful installation of the Adobe print driver that is used by the PDF creator without compromising the ability to create PDF's. In other words it is only the actual installation process that Adobe is using that is getting stuck here.

Interrestingly Adobe suggests disabling System Restore as a mechanism to get over this problem on systems that have not been customised by XPlite (see above link to Adobe's support article).

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