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Windows XP Setup. The application could not be initialized.

by LitePC

If the Windows XP setup engine displays the error:


Windows XP Setup. The application could not be initialized. 
This error message comes from the Windows setup engine and not from XPlite and suggests there is a problem either with your c:\windows\inf folder or with the Windows setup engine itself.

The following protocol should diagnose and\or repair the problem.

1) reboot.

2) Open a command prompt by typing "cmd" into the run box on the start menu

3) Type the following and press enter.

del c:\windows\inf\*.pnf

The *.PNF files are automatically re-created from your *.INF files whenever Windows needs them, but if one or more is corrupted this can cause an error with the setup engine (dont delete any *.INF files - just the files with .PNF extension).

3) Test the setup engine by opening the control panel Add\Remove programs applet and click on "Add\Remove Windows Components" on the left side. This should start the same Setup engine that XPlite co-opts to add and remove the XPlite components. Under the "Accessories and Utilities" section pick a trivial item such as the Calculator and remove it - then reinstall it. This will test that your setup machinery is working properly independent of XPlite.

4) Close the control panel applet and the control panel (after you reinstall your calculator) and once the desktop is clear try XPlite again.

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