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Windows is asking for DLLs that are not on my XP CDROM

by LitePC

XPlite is a self standing exe file. The Dlls that you need are part of Windows and should be on your Windows XP installation CDROM in the i386 folder.

However, if you have updated Windows with a Service Pack and your XP CDROM is the original release (pre Service Pack) then you will need to download the Service Pack files from Microsofts Website to get the new files.


The full SP1 is available as the network install that contains all the new and updated SP1 files.


The full network install for Service Pack SP2 is available from:


Decompress the SP files to a CDROM or folder on your hard drive and use the XPlite options tab (blue star button in the XPlite titlebar) to point Windows to the files.

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