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Zone Alarm will not install onto Win9x if Windows was installed clean without IE.

by LitePC

If you do a clean install of Windows9x using 98lite without installing Internet Explorer then you may find that Zone Alarm (free or pro) will not install. An error is displayed:


Validation Failed for VSINIT.DLL

Zone Alarm is looking for default system certificates that are set up in the registry during the installation of IE. If you clean installed Windows9x using 98lite without IE then you are missing the certificate that Zone Alarm uses to validate vsinit.dll - hense the error.

Please download the following .INF patch file to install the appropriate default Windows certificates.

Save the file to your desktop and then right click on the zafix.inf file icon and select "install" from the context menu. You will need your CDROM or CAB files to copy the file initpki.dll to your system.



Recent versions of Zone Alarm reject the original root encryption certificate that was included in Windows 98 and Windows 98SE with the following error message after installing the zafix.inf:

"Validation Failed for VSINIT.DLL. You are probably are missing a necessary root certificate"

If you have installed IE v5.5 at any stage then your certificates will have been updated and you should not see the error message above. If you need to update your root certificates just download and install the Root Certificate Update from Microsoft. Download the rootsupd.exe to your computer an run it. You may not see any dialog or any progress information to tell you that the root certificates have been updated but you should find that Zone Alarm now installs without error.




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