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Errors reinstalling IE from downloaded file sets after removing IE with XPlite/2000lite

by LitePC

If you have removed IE from Windows 2000/XP and then try to install IE5.5/6 from a set of IE installation files you may see the error:

"Setup was unable to install all components. Please close all applications and try running Setup again."

There is a help button that reveals this message:


"It appears you have the correct setup files, but the installation failed. Try closing down all other programs and try running Setup again. If that still does not work, contact Microsoft Product Support Services for additional help."

The error you see is because the installer for IE 5.5, 6 6.01 has a bug in it where the file inseng.dll is not copied to the system. When the installer tries to register the file it fails and bombs out. Naturally this only effects people who have removed IE completely...so MS simply didnt find the error.

You have a couple of options.

1) Use 2000lite/XPlite to reinstall the version of IE that comes with your version of windows. You can then install a specific version over the top. - this is the easiest and recommended method.


2)When you get the error message:


"Setup was unable to install all components. Please close all applications and try running Setup again."
You can go to your temporary files folder that was created by the installer and you will find inseng.dll. Copy this file to the system folder - close the error dialog and run the IE installer a second time. It should now work fine. When you dismiss the error dialog all of the temp files are deleted - so you have to go looking for inseng.dll while the error dialog is still on the screen. The path will be simialr to...

C:\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\Temp\IXP000.TMP\inseng.dll

If you are trying to downgrade your version of IE you may need to reset the IE version number in the system registry stored at:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer
String "version" = "5.00.0000"

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