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Thank you for visiting the LitePC Helpdesk Knowledge Base, below you will find our most recently added articles and documents. Please navigate through our available knowledge base categories on the left.

ID Subject
32 98lite MICRO does not include the Visual Basic runtime libraries.
31 How to use a custom Win9x bootup and shut down logo.
30 My Documents shell extension and the SLEEK or MICRO shell.
29 Filename.exe is linked to missing export file SHELL32.DLL:SHGetSpecialFolderPathA
28 Installing Office XP 2002 on a 98lite system
27 Removing Suspend from the SLEEK/MICRO Windows95 Explorer start menu.
26 Welcome dialog just wont go away
25 Using 98lite on a doublespaced volume with drvspace.sys
24 AOL 7.0 reboots 4 times when installing and can retreive email ok but will not connect to browse the internet
23 Walkthrough a Clean Install of Windows 9x using 98lite
22 Citrix ICA client hangs on splash screen
21 Out of Memory - Installing 98lite in low memory or sub-minimum hardware environments.
20 The username/password box is not displayed when I attempt to login to my account.
19 Why can't you use IEradicator with Windows 2000 Service Pack 2?
18 Can you delete the 98lite setup folder to save space?
17 What does a RETURNED payment or CHARGEBACK mean
16 Errors when installing IE6 to a clean 98lite installed Windows.
15 Where are telnet.exe, winipcfg.exe, ping.exe, ftp.exe, tracert.exe?
14 Explorer is missing the right pane that contains the folder contents
13 BSOD - Invalid VxD dynamic link call from AUDDRV(05)
12 Retrieving a lost license number
11 What to do if the internet froze and locked up your payment.
10 Cleaning out the gunk, restoring lost options
9 How do I update my registered email address?
8 How to re-remove IE if IE was not re-installed through the Add/Remove control panel.