LitePC - the home of 98lite and xplite - to customize and tweak Windows for performance and embedded computers. LitePC enhances Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
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Reselling Packaged CDROMs and licensed OEM installs

Once your reseller account has been approved you will have access to the Reseller Shop to buy License packs and CDROM packs at heavily discounted wholesale pricing for resale to your customers. Stock up with LitePC products. FREE SHIPPING!

You can purchase bundles of single-user CDROM's (any number from 10 upwards) to on-sell to your customers as a retail stock item or as part of a bundle you supply with your other products.

Make Money

You can also purchase license codes only with no physical product if you are installing the software on your client machines.

Make Money! Low wholesale pricing and you are free to chose your own retail price point - you cant lose!

Order New Stock

Reseller Referrals

Generate income by simply sending customers to Earn $10 on every sale of XPlite you generate! You will be rewarded with a percentage of all sales generated by your referred visitors. The current referral commission is 25% of the total sale (subject to our Reseller Agreement) which can quickly add up to a substantial income for you.

After your reseller application is approved you will receive a unique reseller code which you use when referring customers to These can be placed in emails to your customers, or HTML web site links from your web pages to ours. Anytime someone clicks on your link, they will arrive at our site. If they buy our software at any time within the next 90 days our affiliate tracking service automatically credits you with the sale.

We use to ensure professional and reliable tracking of all referral sales. Every month, if you've generated sufficient sales, you will receive a check from us for the amount you have earned from your referrals. Please also check the Reseller FAQ.

Easy Application

There is no charge to become a reseller. We do not require long-term a contract nor minimum reseller sales volume other than any minimum quantities we set in the Reseller Shop. You can link to our web site with as many links to as you like, or remove links whenever you wish.

To become a LitePC Reseller read the LitePC Reseller Agreement and scan the Reseller FAQ then apply below.

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