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  1. What is a reseller?
  2. What products are available for resale?
  3. How does the referral program work?
  4. How do I join up?
  5. How much do you pay?
  6. How often do you send out payment?
  7. Can I track my commissions?
  8. Why do you use SWREG for tracking sales?
  1. What is a reseller?
    An reseller has access to wholesale pricing on LitePC CDROM's and OEM licenses for resale. Additionally resellers can provide a banner or link to our site in exchange for a portion of the revenue realized from sales made to the referred customers

  2. What products are available for resale?
    We have wholesale bundles of 10 or more our product CDROM's available for purchase from our reseller pages. Wholesale price should be approximately 50% of our retail giving you the option of a generous margin. We will not be placing any constraints on your pricing. CDROMs will be supplied with a registration code that will allow customers to register with for technical support and upgrades.

    We also have OEM license numbers for systems that you sell with our products pre-installed. These OEM license numbers will allow your customers to register the software with us. Like the CDROMs these licenses will be sold in bundles of 10 or more at approximately 50% of our retail.

  3. How does the referral program work?
    Resellers will be given a unique reseller code, as well as a snippet of HTML to include on your webpage. This will provide a link from your site to ours so that your visitors can come check us out. If any of the traffic that you bring our way order our products, you will receive a percentage of the sale as commission.

    Our current standard commission rate is 25% of the sale price.

    Visitors are tracked by ip address and a cookie so that any purchase within a 90 day period will earn your commission. When the customer first arrives at our site using the link you provided a browser cookie is set and their ip address is recorded along with your reseller number. If the customer makes any purchases from us within the 90 days, you earn a commission on each sale. Our IP tracking ensures your referrals are tracked even if the customer blocks or deletes their cookies.

    You can verify that the cookie is working by first visiting your own referal link to set the cookie - then go to our checkout. Your reseller code should appear near the bottom of the pages along with your company name. e.g.

    Sale facilitated by MagicAintIt - Licensed reseller: 12345678

  4. How do I join up?
    Joining is very simple. Just go to our Resellers Page and follow the instructions to submit an application. After a manual approval process you will receive a confirmation email from us with login information and linking instructions.

    How much do you pay?
    We typically pay 25% of the total sale price.

  5. How often do you send out payment?
    When your balance exceeds $100 due to you. We dont want to be sending small cheques out all the time as the bank fees will kill your profits. We are open to some negotiation here. Just check your SWREG tracking account which shows the total of all sales recorded against your reseller number. When the sales total is over $400, you are eligable for your $100 cheque or paypal deposit.

  6. Can I track my referral commissions?
    After your fist referral sale an account is set up on SWREG's web server. You use your Reseller Code to log into your account to view your sales stats in real time 24 hours a day.

  7. Why do you use SWREG for tracking?
    SWREG process the majority of our sales and we can easily integrate our day to day business and using their service is the most accurate and fairest way of tracking sales. Their state-of-the-art system is reliable and they provide for follow-up service should it be needed.

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