XPlite can uninstall USR/3Com Modem drivers, re-install or repair USR/3Com Modem drivers on Windows XP and Windows 2000. Improve Windows performance and security.
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USR/3Com Modem drivers USR/3Com Modem drivers

Default USR/3Com Modem drivers that are installed automatically as part of the Windows setup

Detailed information has not been added for this feature.

In XPlite Professional you can find USR/3Com Modem drivers under the group titled Communication and Messaging Communication and Messaging.

Install USR/3Com Modem drivers:

USR/3Com Modem drivers is a stand-alone component. The function of USR/3Com Modem drivers does not rely on any other XPlite Professional components and removing other components in XPlite Professional should not influence USR/3Com Modem drivers.

Uninstall USR/3Com Modem drivers:

USR/3Com Modem drivers is not required by other system components in XPlite Professional. You can safely uninstall USR/3Com Modem drivers without compromising other XPlite Professional components.

BUT PLEASE NOTE: You may have other software installed that does require USR/3Com Modem drivers. If you encounter any compatibility issues with other software you can quickly and easily reinstall USR/3Com Modem drivers using XPlite Professional.


XPlite Professional can completely uninstall USR/3Com Modem drivers and reinstall to repair USR/3Com Modem drivers on:

  • Windows XP Professional: orig, SP1, SP2
  • Windows XP Home: orig, SP1, SP2
  • Windows 2003 Server: SP2(coming!)

User Removal Statistics for USR/3Com Modem drivers

Of 1165 sampled Windows XP users, 298 left USR/3Com Modem drivers installed and 867 people uninstalled USR/3Com Modem drivers from their system.

Pro Users can help us collect these removal statistics.

  1. In XPlite or 2000lite press XPlite properties button to access preferences.
  2. Ensure logging is on.
  3. Check "Send component state data when checking for upgrades" on the Preferences tab.
  4. Using the Check for Upgrades button on the About tab.

The information sent is the last block only of component installation state data - you can see this in the log as "option=1" or "option=0". No personal information is conveyed.

The option to uninstall USR/3Com Modem drivers is only included in XPlite Professional.

Thankyou for purchasing XPlite Professional.

USR/3Com Modem drivers is avalable as option in XPlite ProfessionalPRO USR/3Com Modem drivers is not in the XPlite Free TrialTrial