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XPlite and 2000lite Professional give YOU the power to set up YOUR machine the way YOU want! The power to remove unwanted features, the power to remove upgrades that go bad, the power to strip potential security and privacy threats out by the roots. LitePC Technologies products give people the ability to strip back the layers unused features to channel the power of the Windows OS into the tasks they bought the computer for in the first place.

XPlite\2000lite is a world class configuration utility that enhances Windows by creating many modular operating system components that you can choose to install or remove from your system. Pick and choose which features YOU need or YOU want! More than a powerful configuration utility - 2000lite gives you amazing control to repair Windows as well. If a particular technology gives you trouble you can completely remove it, and then reinstall it as cleanly as the day Windows was first installed on your computer.

The ultimate security system? There can be little argument that certain Microsoft technologies have proven themselves to put your privacy, security and system stability at risk. The sheer number of Windows Update security fixes that are released on an almost daily basis testify to this fact. You can choose alternate technologies to avoid the security risks, yet the flawed components remain on your system unused, until the next irresponsible hacker or malicious script takes advantage of the situation. Everybody should be running with the latest patches and Service Packs - but is this enough? 2000lite allows you to completely remove features that might put you at risk. For example - many email viruses use Outlook Express and the Windows Address Book to invade your privacy and that of your associates whose addresses you have stored. If you choose to use an alternate email system then XPlite\2000lite allows you to totally remove Outlook Express and the Windows Address Book from your system. Now you *know* you are protected once and for all!

Modular by design! The driving force behind our products is the firm belief that an operating system should stand separate from the applications being run on it. LitePC Technologies believe an operating system should be a transparent layer that interfaces software components with your hardware. For the greatest flexibility, the software layer should be modular so that components can be removed or installed at will by the users or administrators without compromising the integrity of the underlying operating system. Each of our uninstaller routines is coupled with an equally powerful installer so you can recover uninstalled components. It is as easy as ticking a check box.