Product Updates
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You can check for updated software using the button on the ABOUT tab of the XPlite program.
Your license number and current version number are encrypted and sent to the server. No personal information is transmitted.

Regular Checks of Updates
XPlite will check for updates on regular intervals as set in the user preferences (the default is 7 days). No check is made without first confirming with you. You can also disable the automatic check by choosing a check period of "--".

Sending Removal Statistics During Upgrade Checks
LitePC Technologies would like to collect information on which features people are uninstalling from Windows and which features they are leaving installed. XPlite has the ability to send a small data matrix reflecting the installation status of the various XPlite removable options on your system whenever a check for updates is made. No personal information is transmitted. The data matrix is simply the internal name XPlite uses for each option with a 1 or 0 to reflect its installation state. The sending of these removal statistics is disabled by default and can be toggled in the user preferences. Please consider assisting LitePC Technologies to better understand how our software is being used by allowing removal statistics to be sent.

The removal data for each option can be viewed on a web page by right clicking on each option in the Add\Remove list and choose "More Information...". There is also a "More Information...
" link in the right pane status panel of the Add\Remove tab.

Login to your account on the website for updates and to administer your account.