XPlite and 2000lite Quick Start
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XPlite/2000lite Professional is entirely self-contained. There is no bulky installation program and no un-installation program. They are not needed. Just
place the program where YOU want it and run it.

1)Copy XPlite.exe or 2000lite.exe to your Windows desktop (or any location you prefer).  
3)Double click on the program icon to start.  
4)Read the License and Accept it.  
5)On the Start tab you confirm that your operating system has been correctly identified  
6)Go to the second tab and turn Windows File Protection OFF so that changes can be made to your system (requires reboot).  
7)On the Add and Remove Windows Components tab you select (tick) all the features that you want installed on your system and deselect the features you want to remove. When you press the [Next] button the windows setup engine will be called to reconfigure your system to YOUR specifications!  
Yes it really is that easy!