XPlite and 2000lite
Windows YOUR way!

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LitePC Technologies Pty Ltd
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Welcome to a new way of configuring Windows! You now have the power! The power to set up YOUR machine the way YOU want to. The power to remove upgrades that go bad. The power to strip potential security and privacy threats out by the roots.

This page contains some basic principles to help you get the most from this amazingly powerful application.

·Windows File Protection XPlite disables Windows File Protection (WFP) so that you can remove any unwanted Windows operating system components. After your system is set up the way you like it, you can safely re-activate WFP.  
·What goes out, goes back in! What if you change your mind and want to reinstall one of the system components that you previously uninstalled using XPlite? No problem! Each uninstaller is coupled with an equally powerful installer so you can recover uninstalled components.  
· XP System Restore XPlite sets a system restore point before adding or removing features to guarantee you can 'roll-back' changes.  
·Add/Remove is not symmetrical! Please remember that when you re-install from your CDROM you will get whichever version of the software component that is on your CDROM. With relentless upgrades you may not get the same version that you removed previously! XPlite allows you to 'roll-back' to older versions of software when Microsoft say you can not! In some cases the older version may suit YOU better, so we give you the choice.  
·Upgrading Components Everybody loves a clean install. Sometimes, however, you will need to put back the original Windows component before you install the latest upgrade. This is because some installer packages look to find the original version files before proceeding.  
·Setup and Uninstalling XPlite This program is entirely self-contained. There is no bulky installation program and no un-installation program. They are not needed. Just place the program where YOU want it. Please do keep your purchase information SAFE. You will need your activation key again if you ever reinstall windows or upgrade to a new operating system.  
·Your license Please don't forget this is your private copy for your personal use only. If you require a site license or want to use our technology to distribute pre-configured systems then you need to obtain the appropriate license from http://www.litepc.com  
·http://www.litepc.com. Our web site has resources for you. Don't forget to check out our expanding knowledge base and FAQ's