Which Features can you remove?
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XPlite and 2000lite give you the power to remove many parts of Windows, and only you can decide for certain whether or not you need a particular component.

A brief (very brief!) description is provided on the Add/Remove Tab and we are aware that people are looking for more detail on each of the options along with a recommendation whether to remove or not. You can view dependency information between the various optional features on a web page by right clicking on each option in the Add\Remove list and choose "More Information...". There is also a "More Information...
" link in the right pane status panel of the Add\Remove tab. This will open a web page with more detailed information on each component and all the components it is dependent upon.

Given that XPlite can never know all the requirements of third party software you may be using the best strategy is:

1.If you are uncertain: leave the component installed.  
2.If you are adventurous: remove the component as you can always reinstall it later if you find something on your system has "broken".  
3.Use the internet to search for more information. Microsofts knowledge base is a great start but there is a lot of information in the wider community. use the component name or description terms in your search.