Activation Code and License
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When you purchase our software we send you three critical pieces of information:

·Your License       e.g. 1234-5678-9012  
·Your Password    e.g. pwhejssfsa  
·Your Activation Code    e.g. asj3389ssd12p2  

Your Activation Code validates your name, license number and number of users in your license and is used to start the software. Should you ever lose your activation code you can log into the website using your license number and password and you can retrieve your Activation Code by email.

Your License and password are used to download LitePC Technologies software, to access technical support and can also be used to get discounts on other products.

note: Users sometimes mistakenly use their activation code as their password to try an log in to their account on This will not work. In the browser login dialog you must use your License number as the username and password as the password.

Log in to your account on now

Recover a lost License

You must not redistribute LitePC Technologies software to anyone or allow anyone else to access your secure download area using your license information.

Licenses, passwords or Activation Keys found "circulating" on the internet will result in your License being revoked immediately and your download access removed from the servers. Each License and Activation Key is unique for each user. It is your responsibility to keep this information private. If your license "gets out" it is your fault and you will forfeit your access for future downloads and upgrades. Please keep your license secure.

Our computer programs are protected by copyright law and international treaties. Unauthorized reproduction or distribution of all or parts of our programs may result in prosecution.

Please don't forget this is your private copy for your personal use only. If you require a site license or want to use our technology to distribute pre-configured systems then you need to obtain the appropriate license from