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Where are telnet.exe, winipcfg.exe, ping.exe, ftp.exe, tracert.exe?

by LitePC

98lite groups telnet.exe, winipcfg.exe, ping.exe, ftp.exe, tracert.exe under the "Internet Tools -> TCP/IP UTILITIES" option in the windows setup tab.

If you can not see this option it it possible that your modified windows setup files have been replaced with the original version. This may happen if you install some hardware that copies the original INF file from the CDROM back into your windowsINF folder. To restore the 98lite options you need to re-run 98lite and select "TAKE CONTROL" from the 98lite menu - this will reinstall the additional 98lite options to the Windows setup tab.

At this point you can go to the Internet settings and select TCP/IP utilities from the list to reinstall the applications listed above. 


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