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How to re-remove IE if IE was not re-installed through the Add/Remove control panel.

by LitePC

If you have uninstalled Internet Explorer using the Windows 9x Control Panel "Add/Remove Programs" feature from the from Windows setup tab, and then reinstalled Internet Explorer from a CD or downloaded archive then you may find that Internet Explorer is UNCHECKED in the Windows setup tab even though it is installed.

So how can you uninstall Internet Explorer a second time?

The easiest way to uninstall IE a second time from Windows 9x is to use the free IEradicator utility from the litepc.com website (the removal process is the same). 


If you are comfortable editing your system registry - you can change the "tick" in the Add/remove options from uninstalled back to "installed" by editing the following key


"Installed" = "0"

Just change to:

"Installed" = "1" 

(you'll need to re-open the Windows Add/remove control panel to see the difference)

NOTE: the registry key above is only present in systems using 98lite.



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