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"Dear Shane and Co,
Very rarely do I take time out to praise someone on here, once previously to the XTGold Programmer in fact. I really have to say that 98lite rates a solid 10/10 for functionality, resilience and ease of use and I shall personally recommended the programn to any and all that I have dealings with. No problems whatsoever that I couldn't overcome and I'm ecstatic with the final result as I've never had a system so stable and fast. I'll look forward to all your future releases with relish if they are half as useful as 98lite has been. Keep up the excellent work and all the best to all involved in making 98lite."
Paul Dalby
"What can I say that hasn't been said already about your work? Until I tried 98Lite, I hated Windows 98 ... now I'm loving every minute of it. In short: THANK YOU!"
Nicki Sherer - Systems Specialist
"I am using the most advanced audio software available, namely Samplitude 2496. with tons of audio gear. Sam 2496 is on fire with your new Pro 2.0 software in 98. proccessing 96khz audio for long periods oftime with directx plugins can really take a lot of horsepower + an extreemly stable operating system. Haven't seen this program run like this before. Hour after hour without a crash. People who are heavy in multimedia this is a godsend.The motherboard I'm using is the latest Supermicro P6DGH with 9 PCI slots, 2 ISA slots, + AGP + most slots are full. Running 600mhz Plll. Very finicky motherboard but not with 98PRO. If Pro works this good in Samp then people running Cad or any high end intensive program will benifit greatly. I have tried many of your earier versions + had some doubts but there isn't no doubts on this one. Its' fast + rock solid. People won't beleive their eyes when they see this program do its' magic."
Jim McWilliams
"98micro BLAZES and I never would have thought that 98 with Netscape 4.6 and AOL 3.0 would only take up 101meg of HD space. Shane you have created a product to be proud of..."
"Mr. Brooks, THANK YOU for 98lite. It is by far the Best program ever created. Before discovering 98lite I was deathly afraid of upgrading my system to Windows 98. After experiencing its slow clunky shell on a PII 300 with 64 megs of SDRAM, I was pleased as punch to go back to my old lean, mean, fast browsing 95 machine, but after accidentally stumbling upon your site, I was filled with renewed hope that I could upgrade my system to Windows 98 (with all of it's enhanced hardware compatibility) without the boggle of active desktop, and the new, slow, 98 shell. I cannot thank you enough for your WONDERFUL program! Keep up the good work!"
Ray Barbiero
"I love the work you've done. I've often wondered why my WinNT4SP3 machine is zippy-fast until installing IE4. It gets worse with IE4 once you enable the desktop-extension, even WITHOUT the active-desktop stuff. I like IE4's new task-bar with dockable icons, but it really slows down my system."
Brian King
"I really praise your efforts Mr. Brooks. I HATED all that extra crap in Windows 98 that made my machine clunk, crashy, and slower. Since install your program three weeks ago, I have never had a crash, Netscape runs about 30 percent faster (and does not crash anymore, hmmmmm, interesting). I suggest you contact the DOJ and be a witness and maybe choice, ABSOLUTE CHOICE, will be returned to us computer lovers."
Richard Shaward
"I was a bit skeptical at 1st, but after using 98lite and reinstalling win98 with it...I am now a HUGE fan. My system was never what I would call slow (p233 overclocked to 266 with 64 SDRAM), but after using your awesome program I have seen a 20% increase in speed and NO problems at all. I record music with my computer and have noticed a slight increase in speed when editing and recording/manipulating multiple wav files."
The Stickman
"Wonderful. Takes an Aussie to slice thru all the bullshit... Keep up the good work..."


"Removing IE from Win98 is really a great deal for me, since it saved me hd space worth less than 1$. What are you doing next, buy a mercedes and then remove the comfortable seats ??"


"your [sic] a f%#$in' IDIOT! if you wanted f%#$in' win95 then just f%#$ing load the f%#$ing thing. whats the point d$@# head!!!!!!!!!!! you go to all this trouble to tacke [sic] a giant leap BACKWARDS!@!!!!!! what a crock!!!!!!!!!!"
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