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Installing 98lite when your computer did not come with a Microsoft Windows installation CDROM

by LitePC

When installing 98lite the 98lite program requires the installation CAB files for your operating system.

For a regular windows98 CDROM the CAB files should be located in a folder called "win98" in the root folder of the CDROM.

If your CDROM is not a Windows CDROM but rather is a recovery CD that came with your computer then the CABs may be in another folder on the CD. Try searching your CDROM for *.CAB using the windows FIND tool on the start menu. Sometimes a computer comes with a recovery disk that is an image of the hard drive. In these cases the recovery CD can not be used with 98lite.

If your computer was supplied with a recovery CDROM that is not a normal Windows CDROM then you may find your CABs on your hard disk. Many OEM computer suppliers place the CABs in the c:\windows\options folder or sometimes c:\windows\options\setup. When 98lite asks for your Windows CDROM you can press <enter> and then type in the path to your CAB files (e.g. c:\windows\options\setup) and 98lite will continue using the CAB files that are on your hard disk.

Failing these two options - you can follow the instructions in the manual.txt to build your own setup folder using the CAB files from another PC or a friends CD (you can use 98lite this way on your existing system and a product key is not required as you are not installing Windows). In this case 98lite will not ask for the CDROM. See the 98manual.txt for more details.

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