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Upgrading a modified SP1 install to SP2

by LitePC

There should not be any problems with installing SP2 to an XPlite modified SP1 installation. We have found the SP1->SP2 upgrade to be very robust.

If you have a SP1 system that has been greatly thinned out you may find that SP2 adds back some components to the system that XPlite will say you have removed. For a quick cleanup you can open XPlite and then while holding the CTRL key click on the red X above the Add\Remove options list.

This will select all the UNINSTALLED features for a forced re-removal and you can then re-uninstall everything to clean up your new SP2 installation. This forced removal is just running through the uninstallation routines for all the features that you have previously removed from your system. AS a result you may get some error messages as Windows is trying to uninstall features that are not actually present on the disk - you can just power on through any error dialogs.


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