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Task Scheduler

by LitePC

With the Task Scheduler in Windows 9x, 2000 and XP you can schedule any script, program, or document to be invoked at any time or any interval, every day to once a year, and on events like system boot, user logon, or system idle. A task is saved as a file with a .job extension that can be moved from computer to computer. Administrators can create scheduled maintenance task files and place them where needed. You can access the Task Folder remotely from the Network Neighborhood as well as send tasks in e-mail.

In Windows XP and 2003 Server the Task Scheduler service is responsible for monitoring application and Windows startup processes with the associated information being written into the prefetch cache in the Windows Folder. Defrag uses this information to arrange files on your hard disk to optimise/reduce startup times. If you remove Task Scheduler the prefetch cache will not be populated. If you have run your system for a few months your prefetch cache will contain startup information on many of your applications and Windows Defrag will continue to use this information to optimise boot times even if the Task Schedular has been uninstalled.

Task Schedular introduction on MSDN

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