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Some XP Windows Updates that may keep showing up and why. KB842773, KB835732, KB828035

by LitePC

The following Windows Updates may keep showing up under XP if you have removed features that contain files included in the updates. The files that are on your system are indeed updated by the Windows Update installer as they should be.

Update for Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) 2.0 and WinHTTP 5.1 (KB842773)

Security Update for Windows XP (KB835732)

Security Update for Microsoft Windows XP (KB828035)

Should you worry about the fact that Windows update keeps showing them? No. The files that are on your system that should be updated are updated. If you reinstall a component from your CDROM you may add files to your system that should be patched. For this reason, it is vital that the critical updates keep showing so they can easily be reapplied as needed. It is good practice to visit Windows Update after reinstalling system components that you may have previously removed.

You can verify that files on your system have been updated by the Windows Update patch by checking the contents of the patches and comparing the version numbers of the system files on your system.

e.g. in KB835732 your schannel.dll file version after applying the patch is: "5.1.2600.1347 (xpsp2.040109-1800)"

MS has a new update method that patches files rather than just copy them in from the update archive (patches are far smaller than whole files).

You can download the individual update installers from MS and unzip them to a folder using winzip or winrar. Inside you'll find a file called update.ver. In KB835732 update.ver is in the SP2\update folder.

For KB835732 (downloaded as WindowsXP-KB835732-x86-ENU.EXE) update.ver contains the following:



















The syntax here is:


e.g. for schannel.dll the version number in KB835732 is 000500010A280543. Just looking at the last 4 digits 0543 Hex is Decimal 1347 which is the minor version of the installed file which is 136704 bytes in size.

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