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Some items are duplicated in both XPlite and in the Windows Control Panel.

by LitePC

Some items that exist in the XPlite/2000lite Add/Remove tree also exist in the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove software applet listing. You can remove an item from the control panel and yet the item remains ticked in XPlite.

This is by design because many of Microsoft's removal routines that are accessed from the control panel do an incomplete job. Some such as that for Internet Explorer simply remove the icon from the desktop to remove easy user access to the files. The executable files all remain on the hard disk (and can be accessed by trojans and third party software). Other removals such as for MSN Explorer are more complete, but still leave registry entries and remnant files.

The XPlite/2000lite removal routines are as complete as we can make them without breaking other applications. It does not hurt to remove an item from both, and in most cases the removal routines should run even if the files are absent. It is possible that a removal using XPlite will encounter an error if it tries to de-register a file that is non-existant, but any error dialog is harmless (the files are not present) and can be dismissed without concern.

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