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3. Installing/Upgrading 98lite

  1. I'm using 98lite already, how do I upgrade to a newer version?
  2. Can I pass windows setup switches through 98lite when installing?
  3. How do I uninstall 98lite?
  4. Emulation under linux
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  1. I'm using 98lite already, how do I upgrade to a newer version?
    Upgrading 98lite installations is a simple process.
    1. Download and extract the new archive into your setup folder, overwriting the old 98lite files.
    2. Open a DOS window that is rooted in your setup folder. Tip: you can use the DOS cd command to Change Directories to the setup folder (e.g. c:\windows> cd d:\98setup).
    3. run 98lite and choose option 3. Shell Swap and select the same shell configuration as you are using now. 98lite will then re-install your desktop and clear out some junk and ensure you have the latest and most stable desktop environment (NOTE: This will reset some desktop settings back to the defaults so you may loose some specific customisations or registry hacks that you may have applied).
    4. now re-run 98lite a second time and choose option 2. Take Control to rebuild the options list.
    5. Now open the Add/Remove Programs Windows Setup list in the contol panel and remove anything you don't want!

  2. Can I pass windows setup switches through 98lite when installing?
    Yes! 98lite will pass any setup switches on to the Windows setup file after it has finished modifying the setup procedure.

    e.g. 98lite /is /ie /nm

    will start 98lite and pass these configuration switches to Windows SETUP.EXE when the windows setup begin. Setup will be a little faster because we are not running scandisk (/is) and will not be creating a boot disk (/ie). There will be no minimum hardware check (/nm) so we could install this on a 486 33.

    Setup Switches:

    /? Provides help for syntax and use of documented Setup command line switches


    /ID do not check for the minimum disk space required to install Windows 98/IM skip the check for low conventional memory

    /IG allows Setup to run on some older Gateway and Micron computers with an early BIOS/NM bypass the check for minimum processor (66MHz 486)

    /D do not use the existing version of Windows for the early phases of Setup. Use this switch if you have problems starting Setup that might be due to missing or damaged supporting files for Windows

  3. How do I uninstall 98lite?
    98lite includes a fully automated uninstall proceedure enabling complete removeal of 98lite an the modifications it makes to your system.
    • To uninstall 98lite just double click on the "98lite Uninstall" entry in the installed programs list Control Panel Add\Remove)
    • If the entry does not exist, open a DOS box in your setup folder and run 98lite.exe with the /uninstall switch. ie. 98lite /uninstall
    IMPORTANT: uninstalling 98lite reverts your system back to the default installation that includes Internet Explorer; the 98lite customisations to the Windows Options list are removed so you will not be able to reinstall or "Add" any of the 98lite modified components if you haven't done so before uninstalling 98lite. You should use the "Customise Windows" link in the 98lite Start Menu Group or the "Add/Remove Programs" Control Panel Icon to add back all features you may want to have access to after the uninstallation of 98lite.

    Unininstalling 98lite will automatically restore the following features:
    • Internet Explorer
    • Internet Connection Wizard
    • Internet Control Panel Icon
    • DOS command Files
    • Task Manager
    • MS Info
    • Windows Help Files
    • Defrag
    • Scandisk

  4. Emulation under linux
    98lite should work great under Linux however you may need to start 98lite with the startup switch /NG to force the GUI into text mode.

    The 98lite installer goes into VGA mode to display the graphic and a few more lines of text on the screen.

    Win4Lin fails with the message: "Your DOS box has tried to go into VGA graphics mode. This is not supported. You can exit your DOS session , , ,"

    Starting 98lite with the /NG command line switch keeps 98lite in text mode and the installer will work just fine.