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Frequently Asked Questions

1. About this FAQ

  1. Why do we have the FAQ
  2. My question is not in this FAQ

2. Most Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Why don't you answer my email?
  2. Windows 2000 - Where is 2000lite?
  3. Windows Me - Where is Melite?
  4. Windows 95 - Where is 95lite?
  5. Windows NT4 - Where is NTlite?
  6. How do I update my registered email address?

3. Installing/Upgrading 98lite

  1. I'm using 98lite already, how do I upgrade to a newer version?
  2. Can I pass windows setup switches through 98lite when installing?
  3. How do I uninstall 98lite?
  4. Emulation under linux

4. 98lite Enterprise

  1. Do you have discounted multi-seat licensing for my business?

5. Payment and Downloading Troubleshooter

  1. The internet froze and my payment was not completed!
  2. ClickBank rejected my credit card!
  3. I paid my money, but now what?
  4. I dont have a credit card! How can I get 98lite?
  5. I was emailed my login details but I keep getting Authentication Failure!
  6. Error: Incorrect Password or Corrupt File - download again!
  7. My account is SUSPENDED?
  8. What do you mean my payment was RETURNED?
  9. How do I pay by Credit Card without using the Internet?

6. Tips and Tricks

  1. Cleaning out the gunk, restoring lost options

7. Miscellaneous

  1. Retrieving a lost license number
  2. How about a discount?
  3. Can I change my login password to something I can remember more easily?
  4. Dammit! I cant log into the registered download site.

8. Specific Issues

  1. Dial-Up Connections stop Auto-dialing after removing Internet Explorer.
  2. Cant get SUSPEND off the Sleek/98Micro Windows95 Start Menu.
  3. I want to pull the 3 win95 files from a win95 CDROM manually!
  4. SLEEK, 98micro: Pie Charts in Windows 95 Explorer disk properties do not display drive sizes greater than 2 gig.
  5. BSOD "Invalid VxD dynamic link call from AUDDRV(05)"
  6. Black stripe in place of "Millennium" graphic on Windows Me Start-Menu.
  7. Millennium: Why does 98lite reboot TWICE when shellswapping now?
  8. Explorer is missing the right pane that contains the folder contents